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Third Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company

Qaaf Healthcare International is one of the fastest growing third party pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Northern India.

We are well established third party manufacturer for Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Neutraceuticals, Medical devices, Surgical & Diagnostic kits, Food & Health supplements, Ayurvedic, Herbal and Veterinary products. In short we provide third party manufacturing of ALL YOUR HEALTHCARE REQUIREMENTS UNDER ONE ROOF.

With years of experience as a third party manufacturing, our products have been well accepted by healthcare and medical fraternity for their consistent high quality and packaging.

We provide a complete solution for all of your manufacturing needs.

We also offer Third party agreement services where we act as mediator or as a commission agent and make deal directly with manufacturer and client.


It is our professional attitude as third party manufacturer and corporate philosophy which is of advantage to our strategic partners for third party manufacturing in India.

We are well equipped to offer you the following services:
  • Assured Quality and Timely Delivery.
  • Assistance in Trademark & Drugs Registration.
  • Assistance in Designing and Packing Material Procurement.
  • Assistance in Promotional Material (Visual Aids, Brochures, Product Profiles, Catch Covers).

All the above services make Qaaf Healthcare International a stand out third party manufacturing companies in market and the best third party manufacturer for Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Neutraceuticals, Medical devices, Surgical & Diagnostic kits, Food & Health supplements, Ayurvedic, Herbal and Veterinary products.

Pharmaceutical Third Party / Contract Manufacturing Process

Once the decision to outsource the manufacturing work is completed, then following are required documents as listed in list of documents for pharmaceutical third party manufacturing along with approved brand names and formulas from your company in writing. After finalization of the agreement, there are four phases of starting a "marketed by" set up

  • Brand & formulation approval from DRUG department 5-7 days
  • Procurement of Printed Packing material like foils, cartons, labels 10-20 days
  • Actual Production. 10-15 days
  • Transportation. 2-7 days

Total time taken for whole process is 30-45 days approximately (May be more than 30-45 days in certain cases). For repeat orders the processing time in days will be less than the first order time required.


General Policy of working out cost of the product is given below:
  • Cost of Raw-Materials- Active and excipients.
  • Cost of Packaging Material-
    a. PRIMARY (Printed Packaging Material- Foil, Cartons, Labels)
    b. SECONDARY (PVC, Shippers, tape, packing slips, strips etc)
  • Batch Charges- which covers cost of consumables, Quality control Costs & Local transportation
  • In Process loss for RM & PM
  • Manufacturing Charges
  • Logistics Charges
  • Misc Charges (If any)

Order and Supplies

Written order preferable in format given by us is accepted, orders through authenticated e-mails with all the required documents as attachments are also acceptable, 1st time supply is executed in 45 days (approx and may change from case to case basis) and repeat supplies are executed within 30 days (approx and case to case basis), occasional URGENT orders are dispatched as per the quantity and case to case basis.


We require an advance payment of 50% along with order as a confirmation of order and balance at time of dispatch or on raising the Performa invoice. Payment terms for old parties may vary as per their relationship, dealing and performance. We may raise credit limits for old parties as per their transactions against security instruments for smoother commercial transactions.

Printed Packaging Material

The inventory of the Printed packaging materials viz Foils, Cartons, labels etc is principally borne by marketing company, we offer our customers a simple solution for this typical issue of taking care of procurement of packaging materials on marketing company behalf, thereby providing marketing company big savings on TIME and MONEY, we charge one time PM inventory deposit.

Documents Required for Third Party Manufacturing

  • Profile: Brief Profile with Copy of PAN Card of the company and a Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association in case of Pvt. Ltd or limited Company. Partnership deed/ Affidavit for proprietary in case of Partnership firm or Proprietorship firm)
  • Name, Address & Telephones with copy of Voter ID and Pan Cards: (of all Directors, Partners or Proprietor both official and residential.)
  • Copy of Resolution for Authorized Signatory to Deal: (For limited, private limited and partnership companies)
  • Drug Licenses: (Attested copy of Drugs Licenses to be provided)
  • Sales Tax / TIN Registration Certificates: (Attested copy of Sales tax Registration Certificate to be provided)
  • Agreement for Manufacturing: (On Marketing Company Letterhead)
  • Certificate for Non-Resemblance: (On Marketing Company Letterhead)