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Franchisee Pharma Company

Qaaf Healthcare International - an Indian pharmaceutical franchise company is one of a kind pharmaceutical company for franchise business due to its unique marketing strategy and approach which provides lifetime stable opportunity as franchisee for marketing/sales companies in the field of pharmaceutical sales and marketing.

We are not just any other pharmaceutical company for franchisee business, Qaaf Healthcare International provides one of the most rewarding franchisee business model in India where you can be have your own business and you can be your own boss in your territory/area, no work pressure, no politics - only results and rewards which can make you realize your dreams within very short span of time.

Franchisee Appointment and Operation

Franchisee is given out on Area-wise basis not district wise. An area of 3-5 Districts is assigned to one franchisee, where it has the space to grow and flourish. Even if you start one or two district of territory we keep the cushion areas vacant for the sake of interest and sales.

All our franchises are able to meet the sales targets! In case of any issues or difficulty in generating sales we support them to achieve the targets and build their confidence.

In this cut-throat competition of Pharmaceutical sales and marketing our approach is to support, nurture and let grow every single person connected to us.

The various other benefits of our policies are:
  • The Franchisee works ethically in the market, franchisee partner purchases at almost manufacturing rates but sells at stockiest/distributors’ rates, except in case of direct supply to connected hospitals and institutes.
  • The Franchisee has to work strictly in his appointed districts/territory.
  • The Franchisee has to work exclusively for the company and shall not have any other PCD or franchisee of pharmaceutical or related company with similar products, he may however be engaged in any other fulltime/part-time profession or business.
  • All goods are purchased against cash payment from the company or appointed distributors.
  • The entire Franchisee operations are supervised by company.

Eligibility to Franchisee

Franchisee’s sales team should be having hands on rich experience of ethical selling of pharmaceuticals products with a proven sales record. Franchisee should have steady and fearless support of top doctors in a concentrated area along with an investment capacity.

Higher the investment amounts faster and better the results are with right sales approach and strategy.

An ideal proposal is with a substantial investment amount to at least cover an area of 3-5 districts and able to generate an income within 3 months.