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Pharmaceutical PCD

Pharmaceutical PCD is offered on District-wise, Monopoly basis by Qaaf Healthcare International, a PCD Company, for latest product range backed by best in class Promotional inputs. It's the best opportunity for ambitious pharmaceutical sales professional, wholesalers and distributors and that is what makes Qaaf Healthcare International stand out of crowd from other Indian pharmaceutical PCD companies.

Policy for PCD Appointment

We appoint PCD on District-wise monopoly basis, to a large territory to operate and expand your business without any disturbance, and you have sole proprietary and monopoly in agreed area so that marketing company can get business without any hassle and with full peace of mind. Complete support is available to all PCD's appointed by Qaaf Healthcare International.

We have a culture of rewards and recognition for its Franchisees and PCD on target achievements with lucrative Gift Schemes.

The various other benefits of our policies are:
  • The PCD works ethically in the market, PCD partner purchases at almost manufacturing rates but sells at stockist/distributors’ rates, except in case of direct supply to connected hospitals and institutes.
  • The PCD has to work strictly in his appointed districts/territory.
  • The PCD has to work exclusively for the company and shall not have any other PCD of pharmaceutical or related company with similar products, he may however be engaged in any other fulltime/part-time profession or business.
  • All goods are purchased against cash payment from the company or appointed distributors.
  • The entire PCD operations are supervised by company.

Eligibility to PCD

PCD’s sales team should be having hands on rich experience in pharmaceutical selling/buying/prescribing experience in a concentrated area, with a successful sales track record. You can be a Medical Representative or a Distributor/Wholesaler/Retailer with good contacts with some top practicing doctors who are ready to give you their extended support and lastly should have investment to start as a PCD.

Higher the investment amounts faster and better the results are with right sales approach and strategy.

An ideal proposal is with a substantial investment amount to at least cover an area of 3-5 districts and able to generate an income within 3 months.